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We offer a wide range of hosting solutions, from web hosting to dedicated servers. Everything you need is right here.
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We offer a wide range of hosting solutions, from web hosting to dedicated servers. Everything you need is right here.
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Speed and money are the core objects of a good running business. We think that too and as a partner we want to help your business succeed.

Our Fix First strategy means when things go really wrong we will first prioritize all our resources to the problems at hand and fix these problems. We ask and discuss questions later with you and we will review everything so we can take preventive measures in the future.

MSPs (Managed Service Providers) can help a company digitalize in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs and goals of the company. Some potential ways that an MSP could help a company digitalize include:

  1. Migrating data and applications to the cloud: MSPs can help companies move their data and applications to the cloud, which can improve accessibility and scalability.

  2. Implementing automation: MSPs can help companies implement automation tools and processes to streamline their operations and reduce the need for manual labor.

  3. Providing cybersecurity: MSPs can help protect a company’s digital assets by providing cybersecurity services such as threat monitoring and incident response.

  4. Managing IT infrastructure: MSPs can help companies manage and maintain their IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, and networking systems.

  5. Providing training and support: MSPs can provide training and support to help employees learn how to use new digital tools and technologies.

Overall, an MSP can help a company digitalize by providing the expertise and resources needed to effectively adopt and use digital technologies to improve their operations and achieve their business goals.

Security events typically result in system downtime for SMBs. Damage to PCs, servers and other hardware, which can be costly to repair, is another top impact. However, other fallout from a security incident can be much more costly and even cripple a business, such as the loss of customer trust.

Regulatory fines and penalties related to data breaches can also hurt an SMB’s bottom line. In fact, compliance with regulatory and legal requirements is driving many SMBs to increase their cybersecurity investments in the near term.
It ranks third among the top six reasons for making these investments:

1. Safeguarding company data, communications and intellectual property

2. Guaranteeing customers’ privacy and financial data

3. Compliance with regulatory and legal requirements

4. Growth of mobile users and connectivity to the corporate network

5. Protecting physical assets and infrastructure (e.g., offices, warehouses)

6. Digitalization of company business processes

In order to be able to propose the most appropriate solution, we always start with an inventory round in which our own technical file is created.
The elements of the technical file are determined in consultation. These elements can be:

  • overview of the existing hardware
  • overview of the existing software (licences) and where what is installed
  • mapping the existing network, including security and backups
  • analysis of the stability and performance of the (WiFi) network
  • evaluation of the critical points specific to your organization such as security, cost efficiency, business continuity, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), GDPR, …
  • a summary and debriefing in which we go over the technical file and provide advice on the inventoried infrastructure

Cybersecurity services that many we either offer o plan to add and expand include:

  • Cloud applications protection and security
  • Email security
  • Data loss prevention
  • Managed endpoint security
  • Network threat monitoring and vulnerability assessments

We will be enabling collaboration and securing the ever-growing range of endpoints—PCs, audio and visual devices and screens, cell phones, tablets, and IoT- enabled equipment—for customers.

At Atmos we dedicate a lot of our time to be secure ourselves. Practice what you preach is our preferred saying.

To protect ourselves, an we implement a variety of security measures. Some ways we protect ourself include:

  1. Encrypting data: Encrypting data in transit and at rest can help protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.

  2. Implementing authentication and access controls: Implementing strong authentication and access controls can help prevent unauthorized access to the our systems and data.

  3. Conducting regular security assessments: Regular security assessments can help the us identify and address any vulnerabilities in its systems and infrastructure.

  4. Providing user training: Providing user training of our employees can help educate them on how to identify and avoid potential security threats.

  5. Establishing a security incident response plan: Having a plan in place to handle security incidents can help us quickly and effectively respond to any potential security threats.

Overall, it is important for us to implement and maintain a comprehensive security strategy to protect ourselves and our customers from potential threats.

For many businesses, a key component of modernization is shifting their IT to the cloud to create greater flexibility and business resilience. Nearly one-third (30%) report
that they’re planning to migrate more IT to the cloud and to external colocation data centers soon.

Importantly, the shift to the cloud and the focus on creating airtight cybersecurity make a business more competitive and capable of bouncing back quickly from adversity, while its less-prepared rivals deal with delays and downtime.

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We offer a wide range of hosting solutions, from web hosting to dedicated servers. Everything you need is right here.